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Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
plans and continued to drum up support in anticipation tonight from michelle obama's speech. with the delegates in the country first heard from the first lady, four years ago it was under much different circumstances than her appearance tonight will be. the deputy obama campaign manager stephanie cutter told us today that the campaign views mrs. obama as one of the biggest assets into the election. >> four years ago, you know, she was basically unknown across this untry. she isnot a politician herself. she was plucked out of, you know, out of raising her daughters in chicago to hit the campaign attempt so, four years ago in denver, it was really an introduction to the american people of who michelle obama was. >> reporter: well, can you watch that entire interview with the obama campaign deputy campaign manager on she also talked about how the campaign got its story together in the wake of governor o'malley's statement about the country being better off than it was four years ago. keep in mind, keynote's coming up tonight as we said the the mayor of san anto
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
voters which is airing now. democrats are matching them state for state with michelle obama campaigning tonight in fredericksberg. >> brian will address the value of the voters summit in the morning and then to the rockingham fairgrounds. >> and there is also a hotly contested senate race. george allen and tim kaine are out with new campaign ads. cain's ads attack allen's spending as governor, but boast cain's record. alan's add showed his plan to jump start the campaign. the king campaign paid $400,000 in tv ad through election day. >> new developments in libya in the wake of the deadly attacks. several arrests have been made in connection with the deaths of chris stevens and three others. it is not clear at this hour whether the suspects are members of or afill ated with a terror group. the rest come in the wave of anti-american protests in the middle east. greg palcott has that. >> strang words from secretary of state hillary clinton and anti-american protests continue to spread across the middle east. >> as i said yesterday, there is no justification, none at all, for responding to
Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, michelle obama kicked off what she hopes becomes a stampede. >> are you fired up? are youeady to vote? are you going to go vote right now? >> reporter: the first lady sent voters to a satellite voting site across the street. so they could cast ballots on the spot. early voting started yesterday in this battleground state, and the turnout is breaking records. >> this is well over double what we did four years ago. >> reporter: most of these early voters say they're voting obama. >> well, i think it's because we're all excited and the romney people just aren't that excited. >> reporter: mitt romney trails in iowa polls and in the rest of the swing states where this election will be decided. >> 110 electoral votes all total in the nine battleground states. we'll see, look, romney needs a shift of the whole discussion, and reframing of the campaign. >> reporter: a clear debate victory next week could do that. aides say romney plans to fact-check the president. he previewed that today in pennsylvania. >> the president's policies have not worked. my policies to create 12 million jobs will b
Sep 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. tuesday first lady michelle obama will be speaking. we will hear from san antonio lynn castro delivering the keynote at dress then former president clinton will place president obama's name into nomination. they are counting on president clinton to get the crowd up and get the voters out there. >> reporter: i heard the national committee dnc wanted to make the convention inclusive by opening up the arena. how are they hoping to bring every man, woman into the convention? >> reporter: exactly. they wanted the larger venue for the acceptance speech thursday night. they wanted people in the city to be able to come to the event. they have been providing tickets for that. they are calling it kinds of the people's acceptance, framing it in that way, trying to get as many people inside as possible. >> craig boswell in charlotte, we will see you throughout the week for your reports. thank you. >> thank you. >>> on the republican side, g.o.p. vice presidential nominee paul ryan taking some time off from the campaign trail to take in a college football game. he watched his alma mater take on ohio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4